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    Topic:Development and Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Inspection and Testing

    Speaker:Yin Xiaobo, board chairman of Zhongda Group

    Time:10:00 am, May 7, 2019 (Tuesday)

    Venue:Auditorium 316, the College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering

    Introduction ofProf. Yin Xiaobo:

    Prof. Yin born in 1964, is a native of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province. He graduated from Hunan University with a Master’s Degree of Engineering, majoring in solid mechanics. From 1995 till now, he has been an associate professor and then a professor of the Central South University. In 2004, he founded the Hunan Zhongda Construction Engineering Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (now known as Zhongda Group) and started acting as the Chairman. He has obtained many titles, such as:

    ·The first President of Hunan Society of Inspection and Testing;

    ·The President of Hunan Construction Engineering Quality Safety Association;

    ·The third Director General of Hunan Certification & Accreditation Association;

    ·The Executive Director of Hunan Inspection and Testing Industry Innovation Alliance; and,

    ·One of top ten prominent Xiangjiang New Area innovation and entrepreneurship leaders.

    He has published 26 journal papers, and has undertaken over 30 national and provincial-level research projects. He has 5 invention patents and more than 20 software copyrights. He is also the chief editor of 7 national and Hunan local standards, such as the Technical Specifications for Remote Monitoring System of Urban Rail Transit Project.

    Abstract:The National Development and Reform Commission has officially added inspection and testing to the new industrial restructuring catalogue. Inspection and testing has also been upgraded from the traditional ways to the Internet, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) orientations. How to achieve AI in industry and its upgrading and transformation? This is closely related to the industrial development, and it must be realized by the means of concept and products transformation, and technological revolution, among others. The core of the testing methods lies in equipment and system, and the chip serves as the core of equipment and system. Chip testing is crucial in industrial chain. Zhongda Group has invested nearly 100 million CNY to achieve intelligence. It hopes to join hands with HNU students to develop and realize their dreams.

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