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Topic:Aerospace Development and Microgravity Simulation Technology

Speaker:Hou Weijie, Tianjin Institute of Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment

Time:3:00-4:00 pm, March 19, 2019 (Tuesday)

Venue:Auditorium 316, College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Hunan University

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Introduction to the speaker:Hou Weijie, from Tianjin Institute of Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, is a member of the Tianjin’s key fields innovation team. He is mainly engaged in the research ofspacecraft microgravity simulation technology. As a project leader, he has organized andundertaken the research and development work of several simulation test systems, and successfully completed theground physical simulation tests ofChang’e-5 lunar orbit rendezvous and docking, Chinese space station, and“Xuntian” optical module (a planned Chinese space telescope currently in the designing stages and similar to the Hubble space telescope launched in 1990). He has also presided over several advance research programs, including Qian Xuesen YouthInnovation Fund;China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) Research, Development, and Innovation Fund;China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) Innovation Fund; andScience and Technology Foundation of State Key Laboratory.

Abstract:The Earth is thecradle of humanity, but one cannot stay in the cradle forever.The sky is vast and the space exploration is endless. The aerospace development sustains the human dream of exploring space and will have a profound impact on the socialcivilization development. At present,the spacecraft is the main carrier for human beings to explore, develop, and utilize outer space and other extraterrestrial bodies. In order to improve thespacecraft’s lifespan and reliability, and ensure its accuracy in orbit, system- or component-level dynamics and control performance tests must be carried out in the ground gravity environment. Therefore, the physicalmicrogravity simulation tests are very importantin the whole process of satellite development, including spacecraft scheme verification, performance testing, and fault recurrence analysis. They are widely used in the fields of high-precision application-oriented satellites, flexible or multi-body super-large spacecrafts, in-orbit service and maintenance, and deep space exploration; and are of great significance to the future development of China’s space technology.

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