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    Recently Prof. Duan Huigao and Assistant Prof. Hu Yueqiang from HNU Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering College made great progress in metasurfaces for full-colour holography. Their research results were published in international-leading journals in the field of photology and nanotechnology, includingLight: Science & Application(IF=14.0);Nano Letters(IF=12.71); andiScience(an open-access journal from Cell Press).

    Schematic of the 3D-integrated metasurfaces for full-colour holography by vertically stacking a colour-filter microarray with a hologram metasurface.

    Prof. Duan Huigao and Assistant Prof. Hu Yueqiang from the Hunan University, and Prof. Liu Na from the Heidelberg University demonstrated a 3D-integrated metasurface device by stacking a hologram metasurface on a monolithic Fabry–Pérot cavity-based colour filter microarray to simultaneously achieve low-crosstalk, polarisation-independent, high-efficiency, full-colour holography, and microprint. The dual functions of the device outline a novel scheme for data recording, security encryption, colour displays, and information processing. Their research paper titled “3D-Integrated Metasurfaces for Full-Colour Holography” was published in theLight: Science & Application(IF=14.0).

    Vectorial full-color holographic metasurface with zero crosstalk.

    HNU research team, Prof. Qiu Chengwei from the National University of Singapore, Prof. Xiao Shumin from the Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), and Prof. Luo Yi from the China Academy of Engineering Physics reported a non-interleaved TiO2 metasurface holography, and three distinct phase profiles are encoded into three orthogonal polarization bases with almost zero crosstalk. The corresponding three independently constructed intensity profiles are therefore assigned to trichromatic (RGB) beams, resulting in high-quality and high-efficiency vectorial meta-holography in the whole visible regime. Their strategy presents an unconventionally advanced holographic scheme by synergizing trichromatic colors and tri-polarization channels, simply realized with a minimalist non-interleaved metasurface. Their work unlocks the metasurface’s potentials on massive information storage, polarization optics, polarimetric imaging, holographic data encryption, etc. Their research paper titled “Trichromatic and Tri-polarization-channel Holography with Non-interleaved Dielectric Metasurface” was published in theNano Letters(IF=12.71).

    Holographic sampling 3D display.

    Prof. Duan Gaohui, Assistant Prof. Hu Yueqiang, Prof. Chen Senlin and Associate Prof. Qiao Wen from Suzhou University, and Prof. L. Jay Guo from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor Campus) summarized that the metagrating provides a unique method for subsampling of continuous light field function. They anticipate the holographic sampling 3D display to be used in commercial applications such as consumer electronic devices, window display, exhibition display, 3D TV, as well as tabletop display. Their research paper titled “Holographic sampling display based on metagratings” was published in theiScience(an open-access journal from Cell Press).

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