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    The College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering (MVE) has 81 international students, including 17 undergraduates, 57 postgraduates, and 8 doctoral students. The college draws high attention to international student education. In 2018, MVE Dean Jiang Chao and Vice Dean Liu Jian spoke on invitation at the China Mechanical Education Dean Conference, the China Higher Education Expo, and the China Association for Science and Technology Annual Meeting – Intelligent Manufacturing-Workshop on the “Belt and Road” Economic Development. They introduced MVE’s international student education mode and experience, whichreceived high praise from the experts presented.

    Postgraduate Student Education: 

    MVE enrolled its first international students in 2000. Over the past decade, 16 doctoral, and 42 postgraduate students finished their education at the college. Among the graduates, Chau Minh Quang, and Nguyen Duc Nam are respectively dean and vice dean of the Mechanical Engineering College of the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) in Viet Nam, and they are also IUH’s academic leaders. Nazarov Umid takes the office of chief expert of the Commercial Forum and Public Relation Coordination Department of the Investment Committee of Uzbekistan. King Siyotha, as a project manager of the Shenzhen Qianhai Zhongke Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., participated in the Si Phan Don (the 4000 Islands) Special Economic Zone cooperative project in Laos.

    Industrial Engineering Postgraduate Training:

    In 2015, MVE was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce to organize the industrial engineering postgraduate training program for developing countries. Over the past four years, it has enrolled 113 students from the “Belt and Road” countries. In January 2018, the Ministry of Commercial Training Center inspected the training program, and highly apprised MVE’s efforts in education and social practice.


    Graduation Ceremony of 2016 International Master of Industrial Engineering


    Opening Ceremony of 2018 International Master of Industrial Engineering

    Study Tours to Enterprises

    參觀湖南運想          廣汽豐田5

                   Hunan RUNSHARE Heavy Industry Company, Ltd.            GAC TOYOTA

    格力60          IMG_1450

                          Gree Electric Appliances Inc.   Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd

    Students in Class

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